Client: Madalynne, Simplicity Patterns

Services: Branding Identity 

Year: 2015-2018


Photographer: Melissa Tilley

Model & Designer: Maddie Flanigan

 Madalynne is a brand created by designer Maddie Flanigan, whose vision is providing women with beautiful and functional lingerie. Aside from her designs appearing in some of the most well known stores in the world, Maddie has a passion for sewing and has teamed up with Simplicity to release her own collections of patterns.

      One of Maddie's most iconic branding characteristics involve her being the face of her product. This allows her to be more intimate with her followers. When developing her brand at Simplicity, it was important to carry out these same visual identities. Keeping the design looking intimate and person was top priority -- creating a mood board inspired stories were perfect for inspiring creativity and making creating a more personal experience for the consumer. Subtle neautral colors with a pop of pink also helped support Maddie's vision regarding feminine and function. 

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