Client: JoAnn Stores

Services: Photo Art Direction and Editorial Design

Year: 2018

Photographer: Dan Howell

Styling: Karen Fleisch

Hair & Makeup: Jammie Henson

Another publication made exclusively for Joann’s, the nation’s leading fabric and craft retailer, was released for the 2018 halloween season to inspire creatives to purchase fabric and sew their own costumes. With the culture of Cosplay becoming more mainstream, and events such as Comicon becoming more popular, it was a great opportunity for the company to get ourselves into the marketplace. Choosing to highlight the most trending movies of 2018, including characters from Marvel, Disney and DC Comics, I sought to bring in a whole new customer base. 
        Photography sets were created to help enhance storytelling, considering lighting, color, model choices and props. During the layout phase, headlines were then developed with carefully selected typefaces and images were thoughtfully merged together to create believable scenes and evoke a 'powerful' emotion. Using cohesive graphic elements throughout the publication allowed for a story to take place, even with tons of topics being covered — ultimately keeping the reader less overwhelmed and more focused.


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