Client: JoAnn Stores

Services: Photo Art Direction and Editorial Design

Year: 2018

Photographer: Adam Pass

Styling: Sheila Clark

Hair & Makeup: Jamie Henson

Joann’s is the nation’s leading fabric and craft retailer dedicated to inspiring creativity. As a way to highlight their fabric collection, the task was to create a publication based off special occasion fashion — covering topics from bridal to prom. The magazine had to look fresh and sophisticated to reflect the retailer’s identity, but most importantly tell a story in a cohesive, thoughtful manner. How can each topic stand on it’s own, while at the same time work together as a whole?
    The solution starts at the beginning with planning photography. Considering background sets, lighting and model choices help greatly to produce images that can tell their own story, but at the same time work together in an editorial setting. When moving to the layout stage, it was important to include graphic elements and other subtle color to tie together the topics, as well as using consistent typefaces that paired well together. 


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